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About me


My name is Lisa Ridens, I've been training dogs for over 30 years.  I started Affordable Dog and Puppy Training because I wanted people to feel like they could get the help they need and not have the price stop them.  I maintain prices lower than average for that reason.  I truly want to help you.  Dogs are the best, and a well trained dog is my favorite thing in life.

My Mission is...

To help you have a well trained dog that    you can take anywhere and have around anyone.

To improve your communication with your dog.

To help you understand what your dog is thinking and feeling.

To help you have the best dog you've ever had.

My training philosophy is...

Dogs repeat behavior, if they are rewarded for it.

There are no bad dogs.

Dogs only know how to act like dogs.

Your dog wants you to be the leader so she/he can relax.

There is nothing better than a well trained dog.

Dogs need boundaries.

Most dogs love learning.

There's no love like dog love!!!! ​

My training methods include...

Positive reinforcement obedience.

Positive reinforcement behavior modification.

Positive reinforcement socialization.

Corrections for inappropriate behavior.

I look forward to working with you and your dog. 

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